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Hand Tinted Specialist Lenses

Finest Italian Cellulose Acetate

Handmade Frames

100% Made in Italy

Highest Standard UVA/B Protection

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Our glasses are fully customisable. You can combine any style with any colour lens.

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Cat Eye Frames


Wayfairer Frames


“I tried out two versions of Loving Victorious Beings, and yes, the world went into a delicious, happy haze.’ Smog was lifted. Computer screens weren’t sucking the soul out of my body”

Liana Satenstein Senior Fashion Writer American Vogue

“If there is a grey rainy day they immediately help my mood”

Maya Fiennes Kundalini Yoga guru & wellness writer St Monica, Los Angeles

“I live in mine!”

Caroline Roumeguere Jewellery Designer & Writer New York

“I am like having Goosebumps, putting them on, it’s like Burning Man”

Holmar Music Global DJ

“These lenses inform my world, they make it more cinematic, they make it more of an aesthetic experience…they are definitely my play sunglasses.”

Jason Silva TV personality, storyteller, filmmaker, futurist

Explore our Colours

Our glasses help you live better, naturally. Colour is an electromagnetic wave frequency that impacts your brain and wellbeing.

Click here to learn more about Colourtherapy.

Beautify and be happier with our unique shades of pink. This soothing colour increases visual definition and improves your mood. It changes your mindset to relaxed alertness and helps with everyday stresses.

Sleep better and filter blue light from your computer and phone screens. Orange is known to help with anxiety and depression (SAD), turning grey days into happy days. This colour comforts your eyes in bright lights and protects from macular degeneration.

As seen in...

‘Loving Victorious Beings offers Orange lenses said to combat depression and distracting light from screens, or pinks to easy anxiety and boost general happiness.’
‘The tint caused a citrus-tinted glaze to swim over the eyes, and suddenly the world was not so doom-and-gloom’

Our best sellers

Tiger Eye

Purple Haze


Amber Love Drip

Purple Haze


Tiger Eye

Purple Haze


Amber Love Drip

Purple Haze



Purple Haze


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Our Mission

● We are Loving Victorious Beings. ● We aim to always provide you with the world's best Colourtherapy wellness glasses. ● We exist to increase your vibration and life balance, naturally. ● We pride ourselves in our craftsmanship, integrity and research. ● We develop our products in-house and they are 100% artisan hand-made in Italy. ● We fuse the best in science with the best in lifestyle and fashion.