Naturally enhance your mood with specialist unisex eyewear

“I tried out two versions of Loving Victorious Beings, and yes, the world went into a delicious, happy haze.’ Smog was lifted. Computer screens weren’t sucking the soul out of my body”

Liana Satenstein Senior Fashion Writer American Vogue

“If there is a grey rainy day they immediately help my mood”

Maya Fiennes Kundalini Yoga guru & wellness writer St Monica, Los Angeles

“I live in mine!”

Caroline Roumeguere Jewellery Designer & Writer New York

“I am like having Goosebumps, putting them on, it’s like Burning Man”

Holmar Music Global DJ

“These lenses inform my world, they make it more cinematic, they make it more of an aesthetic experience…they are definitely my play sunglasses.”

Jason Silva TV personality, storyteller, filmmaker, futurist

New Arrivals

Specialist Therapeutic Lenses

Pink Benefits

Brighten your mood
Relax and pacify the mind
Enhance feeling of wellbeing
Beautify everything
Increase visual definition
Reduce stress and aggression
Clear brain fog

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Orange Benefits

Sleep better
Filter Blue light
Turn grey days into happy days
Calm the mind and reduce
Soothe the eyes and
lessen screen fatigue
Combat unpleasant lighting
Protect the  eye’s macula
from degeneration

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Our Best Sellers

Try On LVB Eyewear

Find your LVB in augmented reality and discover which shape suits you (click through on your phone to try). Flip the camera around to explore.

Specialist Therapeutic Lenses

We plant a tree in
the Amazon for every pair sold

Finest sustainable
Italian cellulose acetate

Artisan handmade

Unique Colour Therapy lenses

German hinges

100% Made in Italy

Highest Standard
UVA/B Protection

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