Our Story

We see the world through a different lens.

Merging wellness, science and style; our company is created by

scientists, artisans, explorers and lovers of life.

Our goal is to truly enhance lives and personal wellness for anyone and everyone.

We apply cutting-edge science and vibrational healing technology

to make our customers feel better, naturally on a daily basis.

Developed, tested and loved.

Our Glasses

Over a decade of experience working with Colourtherapy gives us considerable knowledge of this powerful tool on the cutting edge of natural healing and wellness therapies.

Our glasses are fashionably stylish and timeless. In-house designed and handmade with the skills of the finest Italian artisanal craftsmanship. We combine these frames of exceptional beauty with the tried-and-tested therapeutic benefits of Colourtherapy.

Light and colours are composed of electromagnetic wavelength. Each colour represents a certain frequency and has a different effect on mind and body. Wearing LVBs changes your state of being naturally and a true shift in perception, performance and perspective can be achieved. More information on the therapeutic benefits of color available on our Colourtherapy Science page.

Our areas of expertise are: Happiness, Focus and Concentration, Relaxation, Clarity of Vision and filtering Blue Light.

Our Philosophy

It’s our opinion that any company operating today should have a net positive impact on the planet. We want to be a good example of combining economic success with creating benefits for all.

8% of our profits are committed to support the Rainforest Foundation US (RFUS), of which our founder is an active board member. We consider the preservation of this incredibly important ecosystem crucial for all of our survival. For every pair of LVBs sold, we plant a tree in the Amazon rainforest and nurture the ecosystem around it.

Recycled packaging is a must for us and we refuse to use plastic or oil-based products and are working on making our cases from recycled fishnets by the end of 2020. We also offer a recycling service for our glasses with a 15% credit added towards a new pair.

Instead of working with modern mass production in Asia, we decided to focus on rediscovering Europe's leading artisanal producers: our factory and most suppliers are based in the same region of Italy. We prefer to work with smaller, high quality partners that can create truly outstanding products. Thereby we help preserving rare skills and a traditional, low impact, way of work and life.

Our Craftsmanship

LVB frames and lenses are 100% hand made by highly trained artisans in our factory in Italy. 'Mano' - 'Hand', is the Italian word for the unique sensation from touching a beautifully handmade object of desire. We want every LVB product to earn this precious attribute of excellence and it takes more than 100 monitored steps to create every perfect pair of handmade LVBs.

Your glasses are hand made for you. The choice of frame and lens colour will be individually assembled. This makes every pair unique and avoids over-production and the associated waste.

The specialist therapeutic LVB lenses have been developed and tested for more than a decade. Over this period, we created a unique in-house development process to establish our specific colour combinations that create a shift in state. Every lens has our logo engraved as a sign of authenticity.

Our frames are elaborately hand made from the finest Italian cellulose acetate, Mazzuccelli 1849 and we use high-quality German spring hinges. Cellulose acetate is hypoallergenic and not petroleum based. The raw material is made up of a bio-polymer derived from renewable wood (tree) pulp and/or natural cotton fibers.

Original frames have the LVB Phoenix logo engraved and gold-foiled on the temples, and the golden Nobel Path sign on the tip of the temple.

We are certain that our product makes you look stylish, sophisticated and feel better. Everybody at LVB fully stands behind this statement and should you for any reason not be fully satisfied we will exchange or refund you fully, immediately.

"Loving Victorious Beings
exists to make your life better, naturally"