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Loving Victorious Beings
We exist to make your life better, naturally

We see the world through a different lens and merge wellness, science and style into our mission to create sustainable and affordable luxury products. Our aim is to enhance the mood and wellbeing of our customers in natural and non-addictive ways.

Our company is created by scientists, artisans and lovers of life. We believe in the manifold solutions to our physical and mental problems through Color Therapy and vibrational healing technology. Over a decade of experience working with Color Therapy gives us considerable knowledge of this powerful tool on the cutting edge of vibrational healing and wellness therapies. By having science guide our development process, LVB aims to be a leader in this emerging field of alternative healing and natural life enhancement.

We are an inclusive company and welcome fellow color-lovers to become part of the LVB journey and benefit from our growth. These efforts range from working with a wide range of young creatives and artists on our marketing and new product development, to inviting our customers to become representatives of the brand by joining our ambassador program.

Loving Victorious Beings wants to be a good example of combining economic success with creating benefits for all parties and believes that every company should have a net positive impact on the planet. We offset our carbon footprint and for every pair of LVBs sold, plant a tree and accompanying garden as part of the company’s ‘Gardens of Life’ project throughout the Amazon basin. Thereby we try to help protect the rainforest and to empower it´s indigenous communities.

Our Guarantee

We are certain that our products not only will give you a stylish and sophisticated look, but most of all make you feel better. Everybody at LVB stands behind this statement and should you for any reason not be fully satisfied, we will exchange or refund you, immediately.

Our Glasses

LVBs are designed to be fashionably stylish, timeless and are handmade with the skills of the finest Italian craftsmanship. Our frames and lenses are 100% hand made by highly trained artisans in our factory in Treviso, Italy, the original birthplace of Italian eyewear. We prefer to work with smaller, high quality partners that can create truly outstanding products. This helps preserve rare skills and a traditional, low impact way of work and life.

The frames are made from Mazzucchelli 1849 cellulose acetate, which is known as the best quality in the world. It is hypoallergenic and not petroleum based but made out of tree pulp or from natural cotton. The blocks are poured in individual batches and cut and polished by hand. This means every pair of LVBs is unique and has a pattern different from any other.

We combine these frames of exceptional beauty with the tried-and-tested benefits of Color Therapy and our unique therapeutic LVB lenses, which have been tested for over a decade. To establish our specific color combinations, we have created a unique in-house development process.

'Mano' - 'Hand', is the Italian word for the unique sensation of touching a beautifully handmade object of desire. We want all of our products to earn this precious attribute of excellence and it takes more than 100 monitored steps to create a perfect pair of handmade LVBs.

As a sign of authenticity, original frames have the LVB phoenix logo and noble path symbol engraved, gold-foiled and sealed by resin on the temples.

Recycled packaging is a must for us and we refuse to use plastic or oil-based products. Our aim is to make all cases from recycled fishnets by the end of 2022. We also offer a recycling service for our glasses with a 15% credit added towards a new pair.

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