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Discover the world of LVB colors

Color is electromagnetic frequency at specific wavelengths. Each color represents a different vibration of energy that impacts the nervous and hormonal systems through the eyes, the non-visual cortex and their direct connections in the brain.

The LVB development process is guided by science and the resulting colors can have a significant impact on the wearer’s state of being and mood.

From calming nerves to increasing happiness and making a rainy day a happy day, our colors have many customer-reported and scientifically proven benefits which you can see below.

What all our lens colors do:

Beautify every visual experience

Relax the mind

Combat unpleasant lighting

Reduce visual fatigue

Protect fully from UVA and UVB rays

Are fun to wear

Pink Therapy

  • Increases feeling of wellbeing and happiness
  • Calming, reduces feelings of stress*
  • Proven to reduce tension and aggression*
  • Increases visual definition*
  • Enhances awareness
  • Induces a feeling of relaxed alertness

Scientifically proven facts (*)

Orange Therapy

  • Filters blue light* and helps to manage circadian rhythms / regulate sleeping patterns *
  • Enhances focus & concentration
  • Improves blurred & double vision, helps with Irlen syndrome*
  • Makes rainy days happy days
  • Can be effective for anxiety and mild depression*
  • Reduces feelings of stress
  • Helps protect the eyes from premature macular degeneration*

Scientifically proven facts (*)

Blue Therapy

  • Energising & alertness enhacing
  • Stress alleviating
  • Improving mental clarity and focus

Gold therapy

  • Comforting & confidence inspiring
  • Calming & mood enhancing
  • Tungsten inspired gold hue visuals

Experiment with our Colors

Purple Haze

This unique tint has been developed and tested for more than a decade. Bordering on a mild psychedelic experience, it can instantly change the state of being of the wearer significantly. The effects range from a deep state of relaxed alertness to increased joy and creativity to even an entirely altered state of mind.

Purple Haze is also a strong blue light filter which is a powerful alternative to our Baja Orange blue light blocking lenses. Both colors are effective in helping to manage circadian rhythms better.

Deep Relaxation | Alertness | Transcendence

Important: These are specialist therapeutic glasses. Do not drive, fly or operate machinery while wearing them.

La Vie En Rose

Our most popular color can help to easily enter an enhanced state of wellbeing. LVB customers cite experiences like increased happiness, reduced stress and aggression as well as improved visual clarity. The unique tintis designed to instantly beautify everything and to fall in love with life, every day.
Perfect to improve the feeling of many occasions, from a day on the beach to travel, giving a new feel to the outdoors and calming hectic cities or brightly lit environments. Some LVBs literally live in this color.

Happiness | Beautification | Elevation

Important: These are specialist therapeutic glasses. Do not drive, fly or operate machinery while wearing them.


Imagine a pink cloud around you that enhances your mood and subtly beautifies surroundings all day and night. This light everyday tint creates a constant feeling of gentle uplift, happiness and ease. It is a great filter for harsh and unpleasant lighting.

With the eyes remaining elegantly visible, this color choice is ideal for the city, office, travel and brightly lit environments. 

Daily Mood Enhancement | Stress Reduction | Eye Comfort | Gentle Uplift

Pop Orange

This color does exactly what it says. It pops you into a new reality, immediately. It is our strongest shade of Orange. A high vibrational game changer that transforms even the most miserable grey day or city into an uplifting experience. In sunnier environments, Pop Orange induces a feeling of tropical excitement and high vibrational energy. It is a statement lens that is invigorating, confidence inspiring and fun to wear.

 High vibration | State change | Uplift

Important:These are specialist therapeutic glasses. Do not drive, fly or operate machinery while wearing them.

Baja Orange

The Orange tint is a buffer for unpleasant vibrations, filtering out harsh blue light from screens and LEDs. It can bring feelings of relaxation and confidence, aiding with mild depression and anxiety.

Our clients use this tint to improve mood during dreary days or boring cities, or enjoy picturesque sunsets. The lenses harmonize emotions and aid in circadian rhythm management by filtering out blue light from screens in the evening.

Blue Light Filter | Relaxation | Harmonization

Important: These are specialist therapeutic glasses. Do not drive, fly or operate machinery while wearing them.

Orange Skies

This is an every-day mood enhancer and eye protector, created to be worn all the time, day and night. It is the perfect choice to wear on gray days with this color frequency’s ability to gently uplift mood and enhance the feeling of wellbeing.

Orange Skies lenses help filter harmful blue light from screens and harsh LEDs and make the visual experience significantly more pleasant. They can also be used for circadian rhythm management and thereby improve sleeping patterns. The soothing tint can help to relieve sore eyes and orange is also known to help with Irlen syndrome, a visual processing disorder.

With the eyes remaining elegantly visible, this color choice is equally perfect for office, travel and screen time.

Daily Mood Enhancement | Stress Reduction | Eye Comfort | Gray Days

Electric Blue

Electric Blue is a daring and profound interpretation of the classic blue, inspired by a fusion of the majestic blue hues of the deep oceans and the vast array blues in the expanses of the sky. This color embodies a unique duality - it's both energizing and comforting, making it a perfect addition to our range of therapeutic eyewear.

Electric Blue is designed for a profound experience and for those who seek to balance the stimulating effects of blue with a sense of calm and comfort. Whether you're navigating the urban jungle or enjoying a nature, Deep Blue provides a stimulation and a visual sanctuary.

Energizing | Comforting | Mood Enhancer | Versatile Use

Blue Heavens

Blue Heavens, a captivating new addition to our color therapy glasses range. These innovative glasses showcase a beautiful gradient from a deep sky blue to a subtle microdose blue at the bottom, capturing the essence of the sky and offering a stylish, everyday option for blue color therapy.

This innovative gradient design is not just visually stunning, it offers a therapeutic experience that embodies the tranquility and expansiveness of the sky.

Stylishly embrace the tranquility of the sky with Blue Heavens. Featuring a gradient that transitions from deep sky blue to gentle microdose blue. It offers an ultra stylish way to experience the energizing and comforting benefits of blue color therapy. Ideal for enhancing mental clarity, Blue Heavens is your daily companion for sharp serenity.

Visual Amplification of the Sky |Energizing and Comforting | Subtle Color Therapy

Caribbean Gold

A Sunset-Inspired Masterpiece in Color Therapy

Discover the serene beauty of Caribbean Gold. This exquisite blend of gold, amber, and honey hues captures the essence of Caribbean sunsets, offering a feeling of calm confidence, love, and warmth. Each pair of glasses is a tribute to the tranquil evenings on Caribbean beaches, where the golden sunlight softly embraces the sea.

Caribbean Gold is more than a color – it's an immersive journey that transforms your visual world. Crafted with expertise in color therapy, it provides a comforting and confidence inspiring effect, while soothing the eyes. It is akin to a tungsten-tinted scene from a classic Hollywood movie. This unique Color Therapy shade is meticulously designed to soothe the mind, elevate the spirit, and offer comforting clarity.

Comforting and Warm | Cinematic Elegance | Inspired by Nature's Beauty

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