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Zoom LOVER | Crystal

LOVER | Crystal



Lover | Made for the lovers in life, this collection is inspired by the great unisex designs of the 20th century with it's own modern, handcrafted take. Subtle, yet stylish, it would have had a special place in Steve McQueen´s wardrobe.


Crystal I Pure, sexy and raw is what this fine handcrafted see-through style is. The Crystal frame is a subtle, yet stylish statement piece of wearable art. The magic of the frame: while it can disappear when worn in daily life, it can also be the star of any stylish scene. Enhance your look with Crystal purity anywhere from the office to the beach.  




Orange Skies I This is an all-day, every-day mood enhancer and eye protector, created to be worn all the time. It is the perfect choice to protect your eyes from droplets while the light color tone gently lifts your mood and enhances the feeling of wellbeing. It filters harmful blue light from screens and harsh LEDs, thereby improving sleeping patterns. It’s soothing light vibration can relieve sore eyes and gives greater visual clarity.
With the eyes elegantly remaining visible, this color choice is perfect for office, travel and screen time.

Protection | Comfort | Visual Clarity | Blue Light