The Collection

ApuMa | Inspired by a beautiful magic creature, a modern Audrey Hepburn and the mystics of the Sacred Valley in Peru. The Apus are the Snowclad Mountains of the Andes where local healers go to seek enlightenment. This unisex style is defined by braveness, power & wisdom. 


Amber Love Drip | This handcrafted frame is for the connoisseur of the beautiful things in life. The subtle blend of gold, honey and amber tones are reminiscent of Tuscan sunsets and burning log fires.

Lens Color

Purple Haze | Inspired by wild imagination, this unique color takes you into another dimension of perception. Some say it borders a mild psychedelic experience. Purple Haze can be used to achieve different states of mind: from deep relaxation to alertness to break through thinking. You decide.
Important: Do not drive, fly or operate machinery with these glasses!

Deep relaxation | Alertness | Clarity

‘These lenses inform my world, they catalyse to an altered state… They are part of my technologies of ecstasy.’ — Jason Silva, TV personality, filmmaker, philosopher. Host of National Geographic Brain Games and Origins.


La Vie En Rose | This color is designed to fall in love with life, every day. It is an easy to wear mood brightener. A unique tint mixture that stimulates happiness and makes everything you see look and feel better.
Perfect for many occasions, from a day on the beach to travel, the outdoors and brightly lit environments. Some of our clients literally live in this color.
Important: Do not drive, fly or operate machinery with these glasses!

Mood Enhancement | Beautification | Elevation

‘I live in mine’ — Caroline Roumeguere, Jewellery designer, New York


Rosa | This color is a day and night mood enhancer. It creates a light pink cloud that gently envelopes you, brightening your state of mind and beautifying surroundings. Created to be a wear-all-the-time tint, it keeps the eyes visible and is perfect to protect your eyes from droplets everywhere.
Ideal for the city, office, travel and in brightly lit environments.

Mood Enhancement | Stress Reduction | Eye Comfort


Deep Orange | This unique color is the ultimate buffer of unpleasant vibrations. It deeply beautifies everyday sensations and filters harsh blue light vibration from screens and LEDs. Inducing a deep feeling of relaxation, it is known to help reduce anxiety and depression (SAD).
Use this tint to change your mood during grey weather periods or enjoy a sunset like you have never seen before. The lenses are perfect to de-stress daily city life and will make you enjoy better sleep when used to filter screen light in the evening.
Important: Do not drive, fly or operate machinery with these glasses!

Blue Light Filter | Relaxation | Beautification I Harmonization

‘Computer screens weren’t sucking the soul out of my body. The world went into a delicious, happy haze.’ — Liliana Satenstein, Senior Fashion Writer, US Vogue


Orange Skies | This is an all-day, every-day mood enhancer and eye protector, created to be worn all the time. It is the perfect choice to protect your eyes from droplets while the light color tone gently lifts your mood and enhances the feeling of wellbeing. It filters harmful blue light from screens and harsh LEDs, thereby improving sleeping patterns. It’s soothing light vibration can relieve sore eyes and gives greater visual clarity. With the eyes elegantly remaining visible, this color choice is perfect for office, travel and screen time.

Protection | Comfort | Visual Clarity | Blue Light